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How do we worship a God who is both infinite and intimate? Who delights in both structure and spontaneity? Who loves both sincerity and skill? We’ll explore these questions and more at the Northeast Regional Worship God conference. Bring your musicians, your pastor, your worship leader, your tech personnel, your songwriters, and yourself for three days of equipping, encouragement, and encountering the living Savior.



Enjoy the Conference!

Bob Kauflin


March 30–April 1


Covenant Fellowship Church
1 Fellowship Drive
Glen Mills, PA 19342



Thursday, March 30

  • 1:30–5:00pm Pre-conference Intensives
  • 4:00–7:30pm Check-in/Registration
  • 5:30-7:00pm Open Band Rehearsal
  • 7:30–9:30pm Main Session 1 Gospel/Word Driven: Worship Between Timelessness and Today – H.B. Charles, Jr.

Friday, March 31

  • 8:00-8:45am Open Band Rehearsal                          
  • 9:00–10:30am Main Session 2 Edifying: Worship Between Excellence and Weakness – Jared Mellinger
  • 11:00–12:30pm Main Session 3 Principles, Priorities, and Practicals of Arranging – Bob Kauflin & Devon Kauflin
  • 12:30–1:45pm Lunch (available pre-paid in registration)
  • 1:45–3:00pm Seminar 1
  • 3:15–4:30pm Seminar 2
  • 4:30–7:30pm Dinner (on your own)
  • 5:30-7:00pm Open Band Rehearsal  
  • 7:30–9:30pm Main Session 4 Spirit-Led: Worship Planning and Spontaneity – Bob Kauflin

Saturday, April 1

  • 9:00–9:30am Congregational Worship
  • 9:45–11:00am Seminar 3
  • 11:15–1:00pm Main Session 5 Mission: Worship Between Your Church and the World – Brian Davis


Audio Messages

All messages (Main Sessions and Breakout Sessions) will be available as free downloads at www.covfel.org/WorshipGodnortheast after the conference.


Special hotel room rates have been negotiated at the following hotels:

Residence Inn by Marriott                        11 Fellowship Drive Glen Mills, PA walkable to church, next door         Room Rates: $119 king, mini-kitchen    Reservation must be made by           3/01 for rate                                    includes: free breakfast, free parking


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Help Desk

If you have lost something, have questions, or need something, the conference staff would love to assist you. The help desk is located in the lobby of the church and will remain staffed through all of the conference.



Lost & Found

Lost & Found is located at the Help Desk


To help us identify you as a conference attendee and, more importantly, to help you in interacting with others, please wear your nametag at all times. 

Resource Center

The Covenant Fellowship Book Store will be open throughout the conference. It has been specially stocked for the weekend with titles relevant to our topic. There are lots of various titles in there, consider checking it out. 


Free wireless internet is available throughout the Covenant Fellowship building. The log-in information is as follows:

Network name: Worshipgodnortheast

Sunday Morning

We hope that many, or all, of you are able to attend the all of the conference, including the Covenant Fellowship Sunday morning service. There is no reserved seating for the conference on Sunday, so please feel free to sit wherever you like.







Seminar 1

Friday 1:45–3:00pm

General: No Normal Sundays: Preparing Your Heart – Bob Kauflin

For many Christians, gathering week after week on Sunday mornings with their church loses its appeal over time. In the midst of an overly-stimulated, sensual, sensationally driven culture, Sundays can seem, well, boring and routine. This seminar will give you biblical reasons why encountering the living God with his people on Sundays is never normal.

Vocal: 10 Steps to Your Best Voice – Sheri Gould

A seasoned vocalist and vocal trainer will help you develop your vocal gifts. Here are 10 tips that can help any vocalist learn to better master their voice. Filled with exercises and vocal tips that you help you start improving your voice today.

SoundCurrent Trends on Audio Technologies for the Church - Doug Gould

Radical new developments have emerged with audio systems in the church, stage, and studio. If you have had any fear or trepidation about learning how to use these, there's no need.  Be courageous!  There are so many advantages and applications. You'll be amazed at how easy they are to set up and how affordable they have become. 

Keys Playing with a Band– Bryan Deitrich

The goal of this seminar is to help classically trained pianists interpret guitar charts effectively and find a part to play within the context of a contemporary band sound. Topics will include chord structure and voicings, harmonic and rhythmic options, different uses of the left and right hands, deciding when to play melody, and the use of the various sounds available on a modern synthesizer.

General: Panel on Unity in Diversity (multiethnic, multigenerational, multicultural)
     – MC Joseph Stigora, Devon Kauflin, Brian Davis, H.B. Charles, Jr., Andy Farmer

Pastors from different settings will discuss the challenges, priorities, and joys of ministering to diverse congregation or in a diverse community.

Seminar 2

Friday 3:15–4:30pm

Pastor/Leader: A Leader’s Relationships – Joseph Stigora

Leaders can be tempted to think that their job would be easier and more fruitful if they didn't have to deal with people, but relationships are one of the primary ways we display the effects of the gospel in our lives and bring glory to God. If you lead congregational worship you're surrounded by people - your family, congregation, team, and pastor. In this workshop you'll see ways God has provided grace for us to lead, love, and follow others with joy and faithfulness.

Pastor/Leader: Planning Priorities - Stewarding the Service – Devon and Bob Kauflin

What matters most as you plan your Sunday meeting? How do you stay focused with so many options? This workshop will give you vision, motivation, and biblical guidelines for leading meetings that profit your people and honor God.

Vocal:   Harmony and Improvisation– Sheri Gould

Learning how to sing harmony is within your reach. Learn how to teach others harmony as well. We’ll teach basic harmony structures and how to grow your own ability to find the ‘perfect’ harmony for you and for your group. In addition we’ll discuss how to create and use improvisation techniques effectively.

Sound Twenty Steps to Better Sound -Doug Gould

 We're going to step through some very simple things that you may or may not know that will have a positive impact on your worship mix.  This is for worship leaders and techs. If there is time left we'll discuss ten more things...

Guitar: Tips for Your Best Playing– Patrick Anderson

The guitar is a powerful, versatile tool and yet many guitarists struggle to break beyond box positions and a collection of favorite chord voicings. This session is designed to provide you with practical resources for creativity and greater expression across the entire length of the fretboard. We'll explore a wide range of topics that will equip and challenge your playing.

Seminar 3

Saturday 9:45-11:00am

General: Cultivating a Heart for God - Fruitful Personal Devotions  Ian McConnell

General: Growing as a Leader Bob Kauflin

The demands of ministry can often short-circuit any desire to become better at what we do. In this seminar you’ll hear practical ways you can stay sharp and focused in your ministry and continue to grow, even in the midst of a full schedule.

Songwriting Panel  MC Joseph Stigora, Dave Fournier, George Romanacce, Doug Plank

In this panel Sovereign Grace songwriters and musicians will talk about the purpose of writing songs for the church and how to grow as songwriter.

Pastor/LeaderWhy Isn’t the Congregation Singing?  Devon Kauflin

Almost every congregational worship leader has at some point had to answer the question: Why isn’t the congregation singing? In this workshop you’ll hear biblically based answers to that question that will help you serve an unmotivated congregation.

Pre-Conference Intensives

Thursday 1:30pm

Guitar Master Class – Patrick Anderson

 In this pre-conference session we'll intentionally explore more advanced ideas than we'll have time for in the main guitar sessions.  This will be applicable to electric and acoustic players and will assume a good grasp on basic theory and chord voicing.  We'll get into some deeper, practical concepts for understanding the check and being able to be better equipped to function creatively, musically, etc. where you serve. 

Vocal Master Class - Sheri Gould

In a hands on approach we’ll be discussing some of the most common vocal issues. We'll review and reinforce some basic vocal technique and discuss vocal health. Then we'll go on to study some more in-depth aspects of singing such as: learning how to truly relax,  develop your own unique style, song preparation and delivery, issues that affect women, issue that affect men, vocal techniques to avoid, extending your range, breathing and more.

Sound Technical Intensive - Doug Gould

Microphones, Mixers, and Loudspeakers: You've all heard the song "the hipbone's connected to the thighbone, the thighbone's connected to the leg bone," right?  Well in much the same way the microphone is connected to the mixer is connected to the loudspeakers. This is a simple description of the signal path. Knowing how the signal gets from the stage to the loudspeakers is critical for the proper system operation and provides a map of how to locate the problems that upset the system. 

All the components play a role and it's important to understand the fundamentals, the basics of how each part works, and when they are all used properly, connected with the proper cables and set at the right levels then you have the potential of producing good sound.  We also have to know how the room plays a role in the delivery of intelligible, quality sound.  If the room has issues, so will your sound.





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